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Labor Redistributions in Banner (PHAREDS)

***A Labor Redistribution cannot be processed until a Payroll has run and Posted. ***

  1. In Banner type in the Go to field: PHAREDS and press enter

    Oracle General
  2.  In the Payroll ID:
    1. Option 1 - Enter employee Banner (if known)
    2. Option 2 - Click the drop-down arrow and select List of Employees “POIIDEN”.  Tab to last name or first name, type in name, execute query (F8).  Highlight correct employee, click “select” icon, or double-click on ID.

      Earnings History
  3. Payroll ID.  All payroll IDs are either 5R for monthly or 2R for bi-weekly employees
  4. Payroll Number.  There are two options:
    1. Option 1 – Click the drop-down arrow under ‘Begin Year’ for choices.  Cursor to the payroll you wish to redistribute and highlight it by selecting that row  from Pay Event List Form PHILIST; click “select” icon, or double-click in “Year” field of appropriate Payroll Number.  Click next block.  The begin year and end year will automatically populate as will the selected Payroll Number.

      If there has been a previous distribution select the last sequence for the pay period that is being redistributed.



    1. Option 2 - This option will need to be used when there is more than one payroll  to process.  Also select the drop-down arrow under “End Year”.  Cursor to the last payroll period in the series you wish to redistribute and highlight it by selecting that row from Pay Even List Form PHILIST; click “select” icon, or double-click in “Year” field of that row.    The end year will automatically populate, as will the selected Payroll Number.  You may also type the year and payroll period in the fields.
  5. Perform a next block or tab.
  6. The selection criteria block will pop up. 
    1. If the employee has only one job assignment/position click OK, then next block.
    2. To determine if the employee has multiple job positions:

      Click the drop-down arrow on the Position field

      Selection Criteria

      Select List Employee’s Jobs (NBIJLST) from the pop up box.

      Employee Jobs List

      If more than one position is listed, in the position field highlight the position to redistribute, double click on the position or click the select icon.  Select OK.

      Position Suffic

      If a redistribution is needed for a pay period that was split, select List Time Sheet Keys.  A redistribution will need to be processed for each split or only for the portion needed.  For example, at the end of the fiscal year a split occurs with the bi-weekly (2R) payroll.  The split consists of part of the salary in one fiscal year and the other part in the new fiscal year.  Two labor redistributions will need to be processed.

      Option List
      1. In the ‘Earnings History’ block, highlight the line with the earnings code to be redistributed.
      2. Select next block.

        Earnings Hours
      3. The ‘Earnings Labor Redistributions’ block will display amounts associated with the earnings code highlighted in the ‘Earnings History’ block.

        Code Hours
      4. Perform a Next Block.
      5. Select Comments tab (this field is required). 
      6. Enter a detailed business purpose and name of individual making the request (i.e. requestor).  Make sure a memo or email from the requestor with their request is kept on file in the department.   


      1. Process Labor Redistribution
        1. Option 1 -Select the ‘Edit Labor Distribution’ Tab.  Go to step 10.

          Edit Labor
        2. Option 2 – Select ‘Search and Replace’ tab.  Use when only an index will be changed.

      2. The posting date will default to today’s date, if the pay period has not been previously redistributed.  If today’s date is not displayed, enter current date or type “T” and tab out of the field to populate with today’s date.
      3. Enter the Index and account code to be changed and tab. Index and account code are the only criteria that can be changed. 
        • Perform Next Block.
        • In ‘Replace With’ enter the new index
        • Enter the new account code then tab.
        • Click on ‘OK’ 
          Posting Date
      4. Posting Date - The posting date will default to today’s date, if the pay period has not been previously redistributed.  If today’s date is not displayed, enter current date or type “T” and tab out of the field to populate with today’s date.
      5. Edit Labor Redistribution
        1. (11a) Perform next block to navigate to the “OLD Earnings Labor Distributions” block. 
        2. (11b) Perform next block to navigate to ‘NEW Earnings Labor Distributions’ block.

          New Old
      6. Add new, remove or change existing distributions.
        • If the changes are for the Hours, Percent, and/or Amount fields, make the changes in the appropriate field.
        • Enter new index, if appropriate.  Tab for the FOPA elements to automatically update.
        • Enter account code.
        • When a distribution line needs to be eliminated perform a record remove.
        • To add additional reallocations move cursor to next line or select next record.

          Record Program
      7. Verify the transaction calculated correctly:
        • The amount and hours should be the same as the old earnings labor distribution.
        • Percentage should equal 100%.
        • Select “Options, Round Labor Distributions” (13) to bring distributions into balance with the totals of the Old distribution, if necessary.

      8. If all earning codes listed in the earnings history block are to be changed, in the “New Earnings Labor Distributions” block check the change all box.  This will only change the labor redistribution with the earnings codes that have the same index, percentage, amount and hours.
        Change All
      9. When New Distributions are completed, click the Save icon or “Options, OK Changes”. 

      10. With your cursor in the lower portion of the “Edit Redistribution” screen, the Comments  - or Business Purpose can be entered.  You can now access the comments screen by clicking on the tab; OR by using the “Options” menu and selecting “Comments”.   When the comment is complete, use the Next Block function and your comments will be saved.  DO NOT CLICK THE SAVE ICON - - your comments will be deleted.  The Next Block function will return you to the Earnings History and Labor Distribution Screen.

      11. The ‘Earnings History and Labor Redistribution’ tab should be open.  The status in the Earnings History will change to an X.
      12. Since the first earnings code was highlighted, this is the payroll that was redistributed.

        Earnings History Status

        If there are additional earnings codes for the same Payroll ID to be redistributed, select “Options, Next Set of Labor Distributions”.  The earnings codes that are being changed are on the upper part of the form. 

        Repeat above steps for the next earnings code.
      13. Click the Save icon to save the redistribution.  The status in the earnings history will change to a “P” and the disposition will be “47”.(SAVED THE FIRST TIME)

        Status Disposition

      14. To submit the labor redistribution for approval, go to ‘Options’ and select ‘Submit Redistributions’ on the Earnings History and Labor Distribution Screen. (SAVE THE SECOND TIME)
        Status Disposition2
      15. Then select “save”.(SAVE THE THIRD TIME)  The status in the earning history will change   to “S” for submitted, and the distribution from 47 to 48.

        Earnings History2
      16. Click Rollback to start a new redistribution for a different employee and/or payroll ID. 
      17. Click “X” in the upper right hand corner (Exit) to exit PHAREDS.
      18. The redistribution is now “Submitted” and status will be marked with a “S” for submitted.
      19. When the labor redistribution is approved the disposition will change to 60.

        Earnings History3
      20. When the labor redistribution has posted in Banner the disposition will change to 70.