Revenue Entries: Transfers

A transfer journal entry is used to move funding between fund levels (mission based) and program (Higher Education Division reporting requirements) or across campuses.  All transfers must be budgeted; either in the original or revised budget. The deadline for all budget entries related to transfers is generally toward the end of February for the fiscal year ending June 30th.  The transfer deadline is set by the Budget Office. After this date, unbudgeted transfers cannot be made. The person creating the Journal Voucher must have the “Departmental Transferor” security role or they cannot complete the entry. Rule class code BDT must be used to budget transfers. 

The MyReport Report FNRMBTA-Main and Branch Transfers Allocation is designed to assist Main Campus and Branch departments in preparing budget and actual transfer entries. The report is located in MyReports, the Finance folder, F All Campus Reports folder.

Health Science's report is the MyReport FORITAH-HSC Transfer Allocation.  This report is located in MyReports, the Finance folder, F HSC Reports.

These reports verify that the transaction is a transfer and provide the BDT budget and JET actual transfer entries. These reports are also used for allocation entries. If the report shows that your transaction is an allocation rather than a transfer, please see the "Allocations" page below for information on preparing an allocation. Both Health Sciences and Main Campus departments are required to populate the description field of the journal voucher with the offset index and account code. The index number must be the first item displayed in the description field and each record in the entry is required to have the offset index information.

In summary, movement of funds between different Level 2 programs or different Level 2 funds is a transfer. Movement of funds within the same Level 2 program and the same Level 2 program is an allocation.