Part III - UNM Finance: Practical Applications

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Standard Accounting Resource Manual (SARM)

MSC 0000 00
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Banner Contract and Grant Accounting Forms

Form Name Form Description
FRIPSTG Grants personnel inquiry Form
FRIORGH Grant Organization Inquiry Form
FRAGRNT Grant Maintenace Form
FRIGSUM Grant Summary Review Form
FGITBAL General Ledger Trial Balance Form
FRIBDET Research Accounting Billing Detail Inquiry Form
FRIGITD Grant Inception to Date Form
FRIGTRD Grant Transaction Detail Form
FRIBUTG Grant Budget Totals Form
FTIFATA Attribution association Inquiry Form-FOAPAL
FRIASTG Grant Agency Inquiry Form
FGIBDST Organization Budget Status Form
FTVACCI Account Index Validation Form
FOIAPHT Approval History Form
FOIAINP Approvals Notification Form
FRIBILL Research Accounting Billing Detail Query
FRIMEMO Grant Memo Ledger Inquiry Form
FTIFNDH Fund Hierarchy Inquiry Form
FRIBUDG Grant Budget Codes Inquiry Form
FRAAREV Collection of Grant Invoices