Labor Distribution

The Banner Salary Planner module is uploaded into the HR/Payroll system at the beginning of each fiscal year.  The Salary Planner module provides the basis for how labor expenditures are to be encumbered and posted for each pay period.

Adjustments to the Salary Planner submission can be made utilizing the Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF).  Access to EPAF process is only available in Banner Self-Service and is based on the user having the Labor Distribution change Originator role, requested using the BAR process.  The ability to initiate an EPAF is based on organization level security.  In order to initiate a transaction, the originator must have access granted for the hiring organization of the employee.  All Labor Distribution Changes via EPAF must be originated by the department that “owns” an employee. The Organization code that is designated as an employee’s “Time Sheet” or “Hiring Org” is considered the department responsible for that employee’s job records. If you pay for a portion of an employee’s salary who is in another Hiring/Time Sheet Organization, you must contact the “owning” department to have an EPAF originated as necessary.

The EPAF process provides an electronic routing within Banner that facilitates employment transactions being entered directly into Banner forms via LoboWeb by the department initiating the transaction. The EPAF is then routed electronically to the appropriate parties for review and approval. EPAFs can be designed to handle very specific transactions that will default in information specific to the transaction to decrease the amount of information required to be filled out by a department.

The EPAF can be used to change a labor distribution on a student employee, staff, or faculty record when the following circumstances apply:

√ The labor distribution change is the only change being made to the employee’s record. In other words, if the employee’s term of employment, contract end date, salary, appointment percentage, etc., must also be changed with the changing labor distribution an EPAF to change the Labor Distribution record cannot be used. The Employment Data Center (EDC) for that specific type of employee will need to make the change to the labor distribution in conjunction with the other changes to the employee’s record. If this is a student employee or staff the ePAN should be used to make the change. If another type of employee, please contact the appropriate EDC for the correct form to use. (In the future, there will be other categories of EPAFS that allow multiple records to be changed with a single EPAF)

√ The effective date of the Labor Distribution Change EPAF is after the date of the last Paid Date for the employee. A labor distribution change cannot be made on a labor expense that has already been processed through payroll. If the pay period is open – the deadline for the timekeepers to submit for a specific pay period has not passed --an EPAF may be applied to the record. In order to ensure that an EPAF is processed prior to payroll running it is recommended that a department originate an EPAF at least 5 days before the close of a pay period to allow time for the approval process to route and apply to the current pay period.  The University’s pay period calendar is maintained by the Payroll Department and posted on their website: