Selecting Journal Type

The Journal Type field contains a code that indicates they type of journal voucher being prepared. Staff members have authorization to create certain types of Journal Vouchers. If you are not authorized to create the type of Journal Voucher you have been asked to create, contact your supervisor. Do not choose an incorrect journal type for the entry.

Rule Class CodeDescription
JADJournal Allocation Feed
JBFReserves Journal Entry
JCGJE by C&G Supervisors
JE05General Ledger Beginning Balance
JE10Accounts Receivable Entry
JE15General Journal Entry (Intra-Fund)


General Journal Entry (Inter-Fund)
JE2JE16-Dept General Journal Entry
JE25Inter chart Journal Entry
JE6Fund Opening Balance Load
JEAGJE-Accounts Payable
JEBGJE-MC Budget Office
JECGJE-Contracts and Grants
JEFGJE-Property Acct
JEGGJE-General Accounting
JEHGJE-HSC Controller
JEMGJE-HSC Budget Office
JENGJE-Controller Office
JERGJE-Accounts Receivable
JETDept Transfer Journal Entry

Generally, most department entries will be JE2 entries.