Purchase Requisition-"PR"

a. Internal Purchase Requisitions

The Internal Purchase Requisition is used by University departments to purchase goods or services from on campus providers such as Physical Plant services, Digital Printing services and UNM Bookstore purchases. Purchases of chemicals from Chemical Research and Laboratory Services (ChemStores) can also be initiated in LoboMart. Please see the next section for more information.

To initiate an internal purchase, departments should contact the internal service department directly for instructions. Many departments have unique processes for receiving orders from other University departments.

b. External Requisitions – LoboMart

External Purchase Requisitions are used to request the purchase of goods and/or services from off campus vendors. The Purchasing department issues Purchase Orders based on the Purchase Requisition information. The Purchase Requisition has no dollar limit.

The External Purchase Requisition is also used to request payment of invoices when a Purchase Order was not issued prior to receipt of the goods or services. Ordering items before a Purchase Order is issued is a serious violation of University Procurement policy.

External Purchase Requisitions are initiated in LoboMart, the University’s eProcurement system. After a Purchase Requisition (PR) has been submitted from LoboMart the PR information is submitted to the Banner system. Banner is the University of New Mexico’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, and all additional processing of the PR takes place in Banner.

Once the PR information is submitted to the Banner system, a validation is made to ensure that there are sufficient funds for the purchase. If Banner returns an NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) message, the PR will be rejected and no Purchase Order will be issued. If there are sufficient funds available for the purchase, a Banner Purchase Requisition number is assigned and the Banner PR is routed to the appropriate departmental and central accounting approvers.

All Banner PRs require at least one department approval. Departmental approval queue setup is unique to each department, and some departments may have several levels of approvers. PRs for goods and services must also have at least one central accounting office approval. More than one central accounting office approval may be needed depending on the source of funding and the dollar amount of the purchase.

At any point in the approval process a document may be denied. Reasons for denial may include, but are not limited to, unallowability of the purchase and incorrect index or account codes used. If a department or central accounting office denies the PR, no Purchase Order will be issued.

If all approvals are granted the Purchase Requisition is forwarded electronically to the Purchasing department for Purchase Order assignment.

It is prohibited to fax, mail or give out a Purchase Requisition number to an off campus vendor. A Purchase Order must be issued to off campus vendors by the UNM Purchasing Department. The Purchase Requisition is restricted to internal use only.

Purchase Requisitions for the following expenditures require that the buyer obtain additional approval before a Purchase Order can be issued:

  • Vehicles must be approved by Physical Plant
  • Computer networking items must be approved by ITS
  • Radioactive items must be approved by SRS
  • Modifications to buildings must be approved by Physical Plant
  • Rental or lease of space must be approved by the Real Estate Office

Legal services must be approved by the University Counsel’s Office