Associated Reporting

Once you have your Index Reconciliation files up and running, you may find it helpful to produce other related reports.  One such report is a “Balance Remaining” report that many PIs, Deans, and Chairs find useful. 

This report is produced each month.  Many different templates are used by different departments to produce these reports at UNM.  The goal is to help you quickly, easily, and accurately tell departmental personnel what their remaining balance is (How much they have left to spend this year on this index), after subtracting all actual and expected expenses.

Meet with the person primarily in charge of each index to review this report each month.  This gives you the opportunity to find out about changes in personnel, or new expenses that will be charged to the index in the coming months.  Meeting monthly [15 minutes is usually long enough] also allows departmental personnel to ask questions.  By keeping the lines of communication open, everyone will benefit.