Petty Cash

The Petty Cash reimbursement process is only available to those departments that have received approval for, and obtained an actual Petty Cash fund. Petty Cash funds are only allowed in certain, specific situations. If your department does not qualify to obtain a Petty Cash fund, then all small purchases that might previously have been allowed via the petty cash reimbursement process should be made via PCard, or reimbursement via the Chrome River process, as applicable.

Accessing the Petty Cash reimbursement form requires logging in with your Net ID and password. We recommend that you complete and print out your reimbursement requests online only as needed. It is not a good idea to print out blank forms and have these accessible for possible misuse.

Petty Cash forms are like cash, and misuse can cause financial loss for your department and the University. In order to receive a Petty Cash reimbursement, present the original form and two copies to the Financial Services Office responsible for review and approval with appropriate receipt documentation. Once approved by the Financial Services office, the original and one copy is presented to the Cashier’s window.

The Cashier’s window is located in the first floor lobby of the UNM Business Center. This window is open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. The department is responsible for ensuring that the disbursement of Petty Cash to the recipient is properly documented. All funds should be held in a secure location. Never leave cash unattended.