Accessing Payroll Information in MyReports

To Access MyReports Payroll Reports:

Sign into MyUNM.

In UNM Business Applications portal, under Reporting, select MyReports.


This MyReports report shows historical payroll information.

From the MyReports Finance tab, select FNRSLBE from Finance/F All Campus Reports.  Select the month and year of the report you want and how you want the information reported. 

Report grouping options include:

  • By index – grouped by account code
  • By index – no grouping
  • By organization by index
  • By organization by employee
  • Employee name
  • Summary by Index
  • Fringe Rate by Org
  • Banner ID

 For instance, if you select the method as by index, the report will list all salary postings by employee for the time period you selected.


From the MyReports Finance tab, select FNRLDST from Finance/F All Campus Reports. This report can show current labor distributions by:

  • Employee
  • Org
  • Index
  • Fund
  • Grant