Part III - UNM Finance: Practical Applications

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Creating an EPAF in Lobo Web

Instructions for creating an EPAF in LoboWeb are found in Job Aid  P54-T10 as illustrated below.   

  1. Log in to MyUNM with a Net ID and password.

  2. Click on “Employee” or “Personal Information” tab.

  3. Click on “Electronic Personnel Action Forms.” 


  4. Click on “New EPAF”

    Action Form
  5. In the ID field, enter the employee’s UNM ID.  This field is required.  Press the “Tab” key on your keyboard to populate the full name.

  6. Query Date field will automatically populate to today’s date and is a required field. The “Query Date” is the date on which the distribution change takes effect and must be an “open” pay period.  If required, change the date using format “mm/dd/yyyy.”  Refer to the Payroll and Timekeeping calendar on           
  7. Tab to the Approval Category and click on down arrow to populate the drop down menu.  This field drives the routing queue and required review for processing the Labor Distribution Change. 

    Category Code

    Category Description



    Labor Distribution change Main (Restricted)

    This EPAF category must be used on an employee whose salary is charged to any restricted account from Main Campus.


    Labor Distribution Change HSC (Restricted)

    This EPAF category must be used on an employee whose salary is charged to any HSC restricted account.


    Labor Distribution Change HSC/Main (Restricted)

    This EPAF category must be used on an employee whose salary is charged to any restricted accounts from both HSC and Main


    Labor Distribution Change HSC/Main (Unrestricted Only)

    This EPAF category must be used for an employee whose salary is charged to only unrestricted indexes.

  8. Click on “GO” button.          
  9. At New EPAF Job Selection screen, navigate to the “Select” column and click on the appropriate radio button for the active job record that needs to be changed.

    Job Selection

  10. Click the “Go” button.  The “Electronic Personnel Action Form”  will be displayed for review and data entry.

    Personnel Action
  11. Scroll down to the Labor Distribution Change “New” section.

    NOTE:   The “Current” section of the form will display the Index, with FOPA elements from which the employee is currently begin paid.  The “New” section is where all changes will be made.

  12. Type “U” in the COA Field and move to the Index field using your tab key (twice) on your keyboard.
  13. Type new distribution index and tab to the percentage field.  The search icon is available and can be used to view possible index codes.

    Save Successful
  14. Type the percentage of the employee’s salary to be paid by the index specified.  If the employee is paid from only one index, confirm that the percentage field reflects 100.
  15. Click on the “Save and Add New Rows” button.

    NOTE: Fund, Organization, Program and Activity fields automatically update to those of new index once the user clicks on the “Save and Add New Rows” button.  The screen returns to the top of the page and a message “Your change was saved successfully.” is returned if a valid index was entered.

  16. Type the same account code that is displayed in the “Current” distribution section.
  17. Click on the “Save and Add New Rows” button.
  18. Repeat steps 13 to 17 as needed until 100% of the employees payroll distribution has been allocated. 
    NOTE:  Error messages are returned during the process for a variety of reasons.  Typical errors that must be corrected before the system will process the request include job labor distribution total percentages not equally 100%; and, invalid fund codes on contracts and grants. 
  19. Scroll down to Routing Queue section of the form.  Notice it is pre-populated with the appropriate required approval levels.  Other approvals may be added, but only one “Applier” role is permitted.  

    Routing Queue

    The minimum approval queue for an EPAF is originator + one approver. An originator of an EPAF may not approve the EPAF that they originate. Departments may add a second approver level within their department if desired.  A Labor Distribution Change EPAF approver should have designated signature authority on the index they are approving in the EPAF. If there is more than one index involved there should be an approver with signature authority for each of the indices.
  20. Click in the “User Name” field.  Enter the approvers use name, if unknown, click on the search icon to the left of the field to make your selection and hit the tab key to populate the name of the approver.         
    HINT: Create a cheat sheet with User IDs used often. Make sure to update sheet as necessary.
    HINT:  When Contract and Grant offices are listed in the approval level, select the appropriate Fiscal Monitor responsible for the award.  
  21. Select Applier information.  Click on “Save and Add new Rows.”  
  22. If applicable, select a user to receive an FYI notification.     
  23. Click on the Save and Add New Rows again.

    NOTE:  Must select “Save” before “Submit.”

  24. Click the Submit button and see message display:  “The transaction has been successfully submitted.”   


    NOTE:  If this message does not display, verify that the routing queue has been entered correctly.
  25. Select “Exit.”