Is the Expense Excludable?

The University is required to separately track “F&A Excludable” expenses for accounting purposes. Facilities and Administrative expenses are those expenses that, while allowed by UNM Policy, are not allowed as an expense when UNM calculates Federal F&A rates every 4 years. UNM must segregate these expenses so they can be removed from the F&A calculations when this rate is calculated.

Expenditures that are allowable by UNM Policy but are solely promotional are F&A Excludable. [See Federal Circular A-21 for a more detailed explanation.] If you are unsure whether an expenditure is F&A Excludable, call your accountant or fiscal monitor and ask. Below are F&A Excludable accounts and their use.

31B0-Food F&A ExcludableAlcoholic beverages. Food expenses for entertaining, fund raising, and marketing. Student Activities and Alumni Expenses.
37Y0-Supply Costs F&A ExcludableSupplies used for promotional activities.
39Y0-Travel F&A ExcludableTravel associated with lobbying, entertainment.
6350-Promotional Exp F&A Excludable GenPromotional items, gifts, and the costs of advertising and public relations designed solely to promote the University.
69Y0-Professional Service F&A ExcludableServices purchased for F&A excludable activities or items.