How Labor Redistributions are Approved

There is an electronic process to approve redistributions in LoboWeb Self Service. Labor redistributions the involve unrestricted indexes only do not require approvals. Once submitted, the redistribution will post the following day. However, if a labor redistribution contains a restricted index, it will be approved by departments and Contract and Grant Accounting Offices.

All labor redistributions must have the proper justification and approval from the requester before processing. Restricted funds require a written justification and approval from the department’s PI before submitting a Labor Redistribution. The fiscal monitor(s) of the restricted index(es) will the designated approvers.

Labor Redistributions will be approved by the Contracts and Grant Accounting Office within three business days from submission by the originator as long as the labor redistribution documentation meets all requirements, including the 90-day Cost Transfer Justification memo for restricted indexes. The 90-day Cost Transfer Justification memo must be received by the Contract and Grants accounting office before a labor redistribution is approved. In lieu of submitting the 90-day Cost Transfer Justification memo, the initiator can include the required information in the comment section of the Labor Redistribution being submitted. The appropriate representative from the Dean’s office needs to be added as an “On the Fly” approver at a sequence number that permits the Dean’s office to review prior to Contract and Grant accounting.

Approving a labor redistribution

A labor redistribution is approved through LoboWeb Self-Service.

For step-by-step instructions, see Job Aids :: Financial Services Resources | The University of New Mexico. The instructions will be found under “Labor Redistributions (PHAREDS)” tab.