Document Organization

Document Organization is for your benefit. Well organized documents make it easy to find documents and complete reconciliations. Here is a suggested method:

Create a file for each of your Indices

  • Create a Green Pendaflex folder for each index. Label it with the index number and name. 
  • Create three manila folders for each index. Label each with the index number. In addition, label one “Index Reconciliations”, one “Uncleared Docs”, and one “Payroll”. Some departments may also have one for “Revenue”.

Organizing folder contents

  • For your Uncleared folders, you may wish to organize by type of document, then within each type of document [DPIs, Requisitions, Invoices, Other] by document number or date created.
  • For your Payroll Folder, you may wish to organize by date, most recent date first in the folder. When a month is completed, you will removed the payroll documents for that month and staple them to your Index Reconciliation.
  •  For your Index Reconciliation folder, place the documents in month order, most recent month first in the folder.
  • You will finish your monthly reconciliation by attaching all of your documents together.
  • First put the Index Reconciliation Summary that shows your reconciled items for the month, and how they were resolved.
  • Second, attach your Banner Report [FOH0001] that you checked off with your red pencil.
  • Third, put your payroll report, also checked off.
  • Fourth, put all your documents of origination, in the order that they were checked off on the report.

Other Methods are Fine

If your department has a different method of organizing and filing documents, you may use it. There is no “uniform ” way to organize the information. Just try to make the information easy to find and use. The important thing is that the indices get reconciled each month and any discrepancies are promptly resolved.