Getting Started

These guidelines are intended to offer a user-friendly description of UNM’s business processes and guidelines primarily for the administrative support staff who work in department s outside the central accounting office.  This guide is intended to be particularly helpful to new accountants, fiscal service technicians and administrative assistants who will be working with the central accounting offices. 

The primary purpose of the guidelines is put all of the procedural instructions for financial affairs in once place.  As procedures change, these financial guidelines will also be updated.  These guidelines will be maintained on the Standard Accounting Website (SARM) web site.

In addition to these guidelines, department are expected to develop and document their own internal procedures.  Departments are encouraged to go above and beyond these guidelines in establishing their own documentation and internal controls over their financial processes. 

The Banner System

Banner is the computer application that updates financial data. Banner is the basis for monthly status reports.  Additionally, Banner provides online access to financial information. You can refer to your indexes daily for current information.

You Are Important

Because you will prepare documents and reconcile monthly reports, you are an important part of the Banner system.  Your role is vital to the University of New Mexico’s (UNM) financial operations. As you learn the system and acquire skills you will be able to provide current and accurate information to Department Managers, Principal Investigators, and other financial decision-makers in your department or organization.

What You Can Do

Learn as much as you can about Banner and UNM Policies and Procedures.  This will help you be successful in your job and will also ensure that Banner generates timely, accurate, and complete information. The instructions below will help you get started.  Department personnel at UNM must wear a number of hats and have considerable responsibilities.  They need to interact with numerous central administrative offices at UNM and must become familiar with many of the policies and detailed procedures.