Reports That Help with Budget & NSF

FBRBAVL Budget Availability Detail & Summary Reports:

Purpose: To provide summary and detail budget availability information that can be used to analyze and troubleshoot an organization’s budget. Ties to FGIBAVL in Internet Native Banner.

Updates on NSF calculation for FY09: There are more than 80 funds (unrestricted research, unrestricted public service, instruction & general, and athletics) that are now set to reject for budget availability. The calculation first looks at the organization level 5, then fund level 3 to calculate budget availability.

Report Descriptions:

Executive Summary Report: Grouped by organizational level 3 or level 5, as selected. This report provides subtotals of budget availability that will tie to BANP.

Department Summary Report: Grouped by organization level 5 or 3, as selected. Provide slightly more detail than the Executive Summary report. This report is written mainly for very large departments that would not need to immediately refer to a detailed report for analysis.

Department Detail report: Grouped by organization level 5 or 3, as selected. then fund, then lower level organizations(6,7,8) then index, then account code to provide as much detail as possible for budget availability analysis. Primary purpose of this report is to provide detail of what is in the “unposted commitments” column, as that information is not available through any form in Internet Native Banner.

Budget at the Index Level

Each index from which you plan to spend funds should have those expenses and a corresponding revenue amount budgeted in that index.