Supply or Service

When you are primarily purchasing materials that will be used in the department, you are purchasing a supply.


Supply:  We bought the materials.

We purchased special paper, glue, and fasteners to create non-promotional brochures


31G0-Binding Supplies Gen

Materials used to hold together leaflets, manual etc…


3100-Office Supplies Gen


Other supply account used by your department


Service: We paid someone else to do the job

We paid Kinkos to print and/or bind our brochure


6350-Promotional Exp F&A Excludable Gen

Used when the brochure was designed solely to promote the university


6370-Printing/Copying/Binding Gen

The cost of all non-promotional printed forms and documents.  Includes tickets and programs for athletic events or stage performances, art show catalogs, research bulletins and journals, student publications, mailers, calling cards, stationery, receipt forms, and other printed material.  Also includes any associated binding costs. 


Other appropriate service account used by your department 

Other Services

63A0-Conference Fees Gen

Fees paid to attend conferences.

63A1-Event Fees

Fee paid to lock in a performance or event.  Example: Maxwell Museum event.  (NOT the fee paid to attend a conference.)

70C1-Equip Warranties/Service Contracts

Equipment Warranties & Service Contracts for Equipment.

70D0-Equipment Repairs Maintenance Gen

The cost of repairing and maintaining UNM equipment.