Banner Security and Access

To obtain access to forms in Banner a user must complete a Banner Authorization Request (BAR), which is electronically submitted for consideration to the appropriate reviewers. Many Banner roles require that the requestor complete required training curriculum prior to submitting a BAR. There are various levels of security, and educational requirements which exist for some Banner access and authorizations.

Your supervisor will electronically receive the authorization request you submit in order to review and approve the access that has been requested. Fiscal Agents and Core offices may also be required to review and approve certain access. Once final action has been taken on the request, an e-mail notification is sent to the requester that includes information on access that has been approved or disapproved. When approved, you will then be able to access the forms in Banner.

It is important that you never share your Banner access or any passwords you use. All transactions and activity in Banner are tracked and recorded based on the net ID of the Banner user signed into the system.

Common administrative finance roles are outlined in Job Aid FSJA-017, contained at This job aid is a Finance Security Matrix, showing what classes are required for various BAR roles.