Part III - UNM Finance: Practical Applications

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Find these at  After you log in, select the appropriate folder and report.   Be aware that not all reports may be visible to all users due to their specific BAR roles.  Some reports are BAR role sensitive; payroll reports, for example. 

After you log into the MyReports portal, you will see several folders.  Each folder will have, on the left, an arrow point to the right.  Select the arrow and it will point down, revealing the reports in that folder you may select.  The reports in the table below are the reports listed in the F All Campus Reports folder.  You will most likely use reports reports from this folder.These are the reports listed, below.  Their name is generally descriptive of their contents.  Once a report has been selected, various query selections can be made.  It is useful to “play” with these reports to see what data, and in what form, can be produced.

Available MyReports in the Finance folder, F All Campus Reports:



 Unrestricted Aging by Department Main


 Budget Availability Detail and Summary


 General Ledger Detail and Summary


 Summary of Account Balances in General Ledger


 Effort Certification Report


 Hierarchies and Index Lookup


 Labor Distribution Report


 Main and Branch Transfers Allocation


 PCard Transaction Report


 UAP7000 Reserve Categorization


 Salary Labor Benefits and Encumbrance Report


 Budget Availability for Unrestricted Funds/Indices


 UAP7000 Deficit Complaince and Balance Reports


 F&A Generated By PI


 Operating Ledger Detail and Summary


 Salary Projections Dashboard For Executives


 Unrestricted Balances and Saving Summary for UAP 7000


 Closeout Workflow for Funds Ending on Contracts and Grants


 Grant Ledger Detail Summary


 Contract and Grant Ledger Executive Summary


 Summary of Account Balances in Operating Ledger


 Non Endowed Spending Funds


 Finance Approval Queue Inquiry Report


 Enterprise Metrics Executive Dashboard


 Branch Campus Fiscal Year End Report of Actuals