Part III - UNM Finance: Practical Applications

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MSC 0000 00
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How to tell you are in NSF status

Indicators of NSF:

  • Initiator of document will see an error message while attempting to complete the document if the organization is already in an NSF condition (insufficient budget to fund actual transaction). You cannot complete DP-EZs and requisitions in Banner if the organization is already in an NSF condition. You can complete JVs if your organization is in NSF. These JVs, however, will be routed to the NSF Queue. If all the lines in the JV summary form have a “P” indicator on, they are postable. An “E” indicator means there is an error, and the JV will not post. An “N” indicator means NSF and the JV will be routed to the NSF queue.
  • If the organization spends into a deficit while a document is pending approval, the document will be routed to an NSF approval queue after the regular approval.
  • Initiator can track document to ensure it posts (FOAAINP)
  • If document is suspended due to NSF, it will be in the “NSF-Over Budget” queue.

Note that when a JV entry for an index in an NSF fund level 3 is attempted, you receive the following message, and the Status will be “N”. This alerts you to the NSF status. Banner will not allow you to process JVs or DPIs if an NSF condition exists.

NSF Status screen