Core Office Duties

√ Review department coding of financial transactions

√ Use the Banner/MyReports systems to monitor funds and projects at an institutional level

√ Monitor General Ledger accounts for accuracy or reasonableness

√ Monitor funds so that assets meet or exceed liabilities (avoid deficit net asset balances)

√ Review financial activity (revenue and expense accounts) for accuracy, reasonableness, and planning

√ Review and approve Chart of Account requests

√ Ensure departments use resources prudently in fulfillment of department mission and in compliance with University policies and guidelines

√ Ensure departments use the appropriate University process for ordering, receiving and paying for goods and services

√ Establish responsibilities to maintain strong internal controls

√ Review Chrome River and LoboMart transactions for reasonableness. Ensure that purchases are in line with University Policy

√ Retain supporting documentation in accordance with UNM’s Records Retention requirements

√ Prepare realistic budgets annually

√ Revise budgets as necessary

√ Review and approve employee travel expenses. Review for reasonableness and compliance the University policy.

√ Act as a liaison between the department and Office of the State Auditor, Legislative Finance Committee Auditor, Internal Audit, and other external private, state, or federal auditors for any questions as a result of an audit. It is the responsibility of departments to cooperate with these audits and provide any information requested as promptly as possible.

√ Ensure that proper University procedures are followed for the acquisition of property, equipment, supplies, etc.

√ Prohibit the personal use of university equipment