Tools to assist you in checking for NSF

MyReports can be found at:  Sign in to MyReports and select the F All Campus Reports folder. 

Finding Indices with Deficit Balances:

MyReport FBRBAVL: Budget Availability Detail & Summary Report. This report can be found in the Finance Production Reports folder.   Select report values by organizational level 3 or 5.  Enter the value, or part of the value, for your organization.  Select "Find Values".  All values that meet those criteria will be displayed.  Select the values you wish to run.  Leave the report at Executive Summary at this point, since all values, not just negative values, will be displayed.  In the example below, a Pre-Award value (962) was entered. Then 962A was selected as shown below.  The report was then run.

 MyReport screen capture

Examine the report for negative balances.  In the example below, fund 3U0044has a negative balance of $13,109.48. 

myreport screen capture

To determine the indices for this fund, run the same report again in Department Detail, rather than Executive Summary.

myreport screen capture

The indices for each fund will be displayed.  Here, the relevant index is 962000. 

To examine the detail for this index, use Banner Form FGIBDST, or use the MyReports FOROLDS – Operating Ledger Detail and Summary as a tool to determine if items have been posted to the index in error. In FGIBDST you can drill down on each account, and examine the relevant documents that comprise the negative amounts. Note: Revenue is not included in the NSF checking process. You can deselect "Include Revenue" in the FGIBDST request.

Banner Form FGIBAVL, Budget Availability Status Form – allows you to query by index code or specific Fund/Organization combination and check the available balance at org level 5 and fund.

FGIBAVL shows you Available Balance

 myreport screen capture

To query, input either the index or Fund/Organization and click "Go." The fund for this example is 3U0044, a level 3 fund. The Level 5 organization is 962A.

MyReports FNRSLBE: Labor Distribution Report. This report can be found in the F All Campus Reports folder, and will allow you to verify whether the organization labor distributions are current and accurate.