Purchasing Cards (PCards)

The Purchasing Card is a tool issued to UNM Employees for the purpose of making purchases on behalf of the University. Goods, materials, supplies and non-capital equipment not exceeding $20,000.00, and approved services not exceeding $10,000.00 are allowed on the PCard. Cards will not be issued to Temporary or Student Employees. The University will submit payment to the issuing bank for approved purchases made using the Purchasing Card.

The Purchasing Card Program is intended to simplify the procurement and payment process and reduce total acquisition cost. Additionally, it provides users with greater flexibility.

With any procurement process, there is a risk factor. Risk is managed by establishing a controlled process that has formal review and periodic audits. The Purchasing Card Program is a controlled process with most of the responsibility for control placed at the user level. This means that UNM departments are ultimately responsible and accountable for all the activity that occurs on their PCards.

The UNM PCard website https://pcard.unm.edu contains policies and procedures related to PCard use, including the process for procuring a card.