Internet Native Banner (INB)

Journal Vouchers (JVs) are documents that are created in Banner to move a revenue or expense amount to a different place than where it was originally posted. JVs can be used to allocate income, correct expense that was incorrectly applied to an index or account, or correct information applied by FUPLOAD.

The following forms are available in Banner for creating a Journal Entry:

  1. FGAJVCQ; JV quick form
  2. FGAJVCD; Regular JV entry form
  3. FGAJVCM; JV mass entry form.

Instructions for creating a Journal Entry using form FGAJVCQ can be found in Job Aid FSJA-071 (Banner Finance Creating a NEW or COPY an Existing Journal Voucher).

Note: Journal Entries can also be created in LoboWeb Self-Service. See the "Lobo Web" page in this section.