The following section, Basic Concepts, provides background information and definitions for Banner.  Read this section before you process documents or read Banner Financial reports.  Some helpful steps are: 

  1. List your Banner responsibilities. To learn about the funds and accounts for which you are responsible and the documents you will prepare, ask your supervisor to help you make a list of the duties you will perform that involve budgets, purchases, etc.
  2. Learn Banner Concepts and Definitions. Read the Banner concepts and definitions in the following section carefully. Understanding the terms and definitions will help you discuss financial issues with colleagues and use the Banner system effectively.
  3. Use this Guide. The Standard Accounting Resource Manual is your reference guide for Banner. Get acquainted with the sections and topics. Refer to the Glossary to learn and review Banner terms. The Standard Accounting Resource Manual will help you get started and will continue to be a resource as you work in Banner.
  4. Training Opportunities.  The Employee and Organizational Development (EOD) office is a division of Human Resources that offers free training workshops and consulting services to all UNM staff, managers, faculty and student employees.  EOD is located at the John and Judy Petrovich Business Center (1700 Lomas Blvd.–Building Number 183). Workshops are designed and led by HR Development Consultants and by UNM staff and management.   Register for all EOD and Banner courses and online courses in Learning Central.
  5. Become familiar with UNM Business Policies (Big Red).  Deans, directors, and department heads are responsible for ensuring that all related departmental processes, procedures, and/or documents are compliant with all UNM Business Policies. We encourage everyone to use this electronic version of the manual. You will always have the most recent policies and not run the risk that a printed manual is outdated. In addition, the electronic format ensures wide access to policies, enables electronic searches, and allows for quick update of policies.
    Federal and State regulations may not be directly noted in Big Red, but they must also be taken into consideration when making business decisions at UNM. 
  6. Become familiar with College/Department policies and practices. Each college and/or department has the flexibility to create policies and practices in order to ensure efficient operations.