8045 - Interdepartmental Support

These entries can sometimes be used when allocation and reserves entries cannot be used. These entries will avoid the use of a more complicated transfer entry. As with allocation, transfer, and reserves entries, the same account code (8045) must be used for both the debit and credit side of the entry. The entry must net to zero. The transaction must cross Level 2 programs or Level Two funds. Additionally:

  • There is a limit of $5,000 per transaction, and $20,000 per year, per index This means the document transaction total cannot exceed $10,000, $5,000 for the Debit and $5,000 for the credit.
  • Any exceptions to these limits must be approved by Central Accounting before an entry is submitted.
  • Salaries cannot be moved using account code 8045.
  • No budgets are allowed for this account.
  • Account code 8045 cannot be used with restricted indices.
  • There must be a detailed description of the transaction, as is true with allocation, transfer, and reserves entries.
  • Transactions using account code 8045 in which the Debit is to an I&G index must have information in the Document Text that indicates that the entry has approval from the relevant Vice-President. This does not apply to "self-supporting" I&G indexes.
  • Account code 8045 cannot be used on Chrome River Reports, including PCard reports, or LoboMart purchase requisitions.
  • Please note that account code 8045 is not subject to Banner Tax.