Finding and Resolving Payroll Discrepancies

Payroll Tools

When you are researching a discrepancy between what you expected to see in Banner and what is actually posted in Banner in the payroll area, you will use these Banner screens and Payroll reports.

TypeNameAllows viewing of:
Banner ScreenPHAREDSIndividual Employee Payroll charges by job & index

Also allows you to redistribute labor charges. You can also use this screen to see the changes that have been made to an employee’s labor distribution.

MyReportsFNRSLBESalary Labor Benefits and Encumbrances

This is where original payroll distributions and adjustments can be seen once they have posted.

MyReportsFNRLDSTLabor Distribution Report

Provides current and future payroll distribution information. Report can be produced by Organization, Employee or by Index.

Payroll Information

Pay ID

This is an alphanumeric code assigned to each pay period. The first character indicates whether the employee is paid on a bi-weekly (2) or monthly (5) basis.   The last two characters signify the actual pay period as specified on the payroll calendar.  The payroll calendar can be found at

For example: 2R19 represents regular pay for an hourly employee for the period of work beginning 8/23/14 and ending 9/05/14.  5R8 represents compensation for August 2014 for a salaried employee.

Disposition Codes

Payroll disposition codes indicate the status of payroll postings.  For example:

70Payroll entry posted to Banner Finance
60Redistribution approved by Central Accounting but not posted to Banner Finance (should post next business day)
48Pending or Completed PHAREDS transaction

Sequence Numbers

Sequence Numbers are assigned to each payroll process:

0Original Payroll Distribution
1Void of original distribution
2Reposting of Payroll Distribution
3Void of sequence number 2 distribution
4Reposting of Payroll Distribution

Earnings Codes

Earnings codes are three digit numeric values that represent the category of earnings which have been paid.  Common earnings codes are:

010Regular Earning
012Temporary Earnings
022High School Student
020House Staff
024Regular Earning
025State Work Study
022High School Student
027Federal Work Study
029Regular Student Earnings
037Graduate Extra Compensation
038Graduate Summer Session
170Annual Leave
180Sick Leave
200Extra Compensation
202Incentive Pay
430Partial VA Funding
432Full VA Funding