Chrome River

Each of the following should be clear to a reviewer after reading the business purposes documentation.

  1. How the purchase benefits the University
  2. Why the purchase was made by this person (if the payment is not to a non UNM employee vendor)
  3. Any extenuating circumstances.

For example: “The purpose of this trip to Florida was to gather tree ring samples from the Florida Everglades for use by Dr. Stevens in his “The History of Change in the Florida Everglades” class, and in his research work for UNM. The truck had to be rented unexpectedly and the airline ticket canceled because the planned transport of the tree ring specimens in the cargo hold of the airline was refused by the airline. See attached letter of rejection by Delta. Dr. Stevens drove the specimens back to UNM. Due to the fragile nature of the specimens and their size and weight, other methods of transport were not acceptable.”

Be clear and thorough in your business purpose explanation.