The most common reports available in My Reports that are used when working with Contracts and Grants are:

My Reports

Examples of these reports are in Appendix 1.  Note the different layouts and report lengths, depending on what selection criteria is used.

FRRGLDS-Grant Ledger Detail or Summary Reports

Note that the detail page (Appendix 1A) is page 1 of 3.  This report can be run for one month, a range of months, or inception to date.  Note the different selection criteria within the My Reports selection screen.

This report can be exported or printed.  Appendix 1B shows a summary version of this report.

FRRCGES-Contract and Grant Ledger Executive Summary Report

The Executive Summary report is run by organization level.  The example was run for organization level 5, 997A (Appendix 1C).  This report shows active grants, inception to date.

FORFAPI-F&A Generated by PI

This F&A report was run by organizational level 5 for 564A.  It shows all the F&A generated for a selected organization level.  In the example (Appendix 1D) the organization chosen is 564A for the month of May.

FRGGR90-Closeout Workflow for funds ending on Contracts and Grants

You may run this report (Appendix 1E) a variety of ways.  The columns selected in the example were Aging, Stage, and Stage Name.  This report shows the closeout status, and how long it has been in closeout status, for contracts and grants.

FNRGSLB- Grant Salary Labor Benefits Encumbrance Report

The Salary report, FNRGSLB, will show you the salary breakdown, by employee and by index.  It will allow you to reconcile the salary area of your indices.

FNRSLBE- Labor Distribution Report

The Salary Labor Distribution Report, FNRLDST, also adds the percent of the employee’s distribution to each index included.  This report can be used to make sure the amount of each employee on a grant is correct.

FNRIFOP-Hierarchy and Index Lookup Report

This report can be run by index, fund, organization or program code.  You are able to look up FOAPAL elements with this report.

Customized Reports

Many departments customize reports for their monthly meetings with their PIs.  Some PIs want all the detail and some want a summary level report.  All seem to want to know how much of the grant they have left to spend.  In cases where customized reports are used, a section showing projected expenses, such as future payroll expense and F&A expense, is usually included.  When all the projected future expenses are included, the amount left is the number the PI wants to see; what he has remaining to spend.