Adjustments to Inventory

Changes in a department's inventory should be reported to the office of Property Accounting as they occur throughout the year. Department Inventory Contact must initiate a request in Inventory Assistant.  See section Property Accounting Office Resources for information on accessing Inventory Assistant.  The following options can be selected:

  1. Transfer an asset (internal or external),
  2. Check out an asset (required to take equipment offsite from UNM location),
  3. Dispose of an asset (Surplus Property disposal or Request for Deletion – RDA)
  4. Find an asset (research an asset and update some attributes related to the asset). 

Transfer of Property (Internal or External)

When equipment is transferred between University departments, no change is made in the recorded value of the equipment. The department transferring the equipment initiate the request in Inventory Assistant.  The internal transfer request routes for approval in the following manner: Inventory Contact (IC) for department that will no longer use the equipment, then Dean, Director or Chair (DDC) for that department, then receiving department IC, then receiving department DDC, then Inventory Control and finally the receiving department IC to acknowledge receipt of assets and to update the building and room where the assets are maintained.

Check Out an Asset

Please use Inventory Assistant to checkout your laptop or any other tagged equipment that you’re using off campus. You only need to checkout equipment that:

  1. a) has a UNM asset tag and
  2. b) is being used off campus.

 UNM Policy 7730 requires equipment checkouts to be renewed annually if not checked back in after a one-year period. Once you are logged in to the Inventory Assistant, the process to manage your equipment checkout is processed electronically. The process is the same on the mobile app and the web client except the mobile app allows you to scan the asset tag barcode.

Disposition of Property (Surplus Property)

Surplus Deletions are done when a department has possession of University equipment but will no longer be using the equipment. The equipment may be tagged or untagged.  Note: for capitalized assets with an adjusted cost greater than $10,000 or net book value (NBV) is greater than zero, at the time of the surplus request, a justification memo will need to be attached.

More information on the removal and disposal of an asset can be found at the Surplus Property website.  (*ofkdgu*_gcl_au*MjE1MDk4NTc0LjE2ODg0MDY0MTM).

Disposition of Property (Other)

When an asset needs to be removed from a department’s inventory for reasons such as theft, trade-in, returned to agency, etc., the department desiring the deletion must submit the request in Inventory Assistant.  Note: An Explanation memo is required for each disposal category. A copy of a Police report is required for Theft. Routing for the deletion request will vary based on asset related criteria: equipment was purchased on a grant, the adjusted cost and net book value of the equipment.     

Find an Asset

This process in Inventory Assistant facilitates researching an asset, reprinting tags/barcodes, updating the asset serial number, condition code, building location, comments related to the asset ,or adding an attachment such as a picture of the asset/serial number or a memo.