Finding and Resolving Other Expense Discrepancies

Other Expenses Tools 

When you are researching a discrepancy between what you expected to see in Banner and what is actually posted in Banner in any expense area other than payroll, you can use these Banner screens and MyReports reports.

TypeNameAllows Viewing of
Banner ScreenFGIDOCRPosted documents (JV, invoice, requisition, PO, encumbrance). Provides dates, short description and index information. Use “Options” to access Document text screen (FOATEXT).
Banner ScreenFOATEXTDocument text screen (JV, invoice, requisition, PO, encumbrance). Reasoning behind posted document.
Banner ScreenFOIAPPHApproval history for pending and posted items. Includes information on JVs, DPI invoices, requisitions, POs, and encumbrances
Banner ScreenFOAAINPPending approval(s) for JVs, DPI invoices, and requisitions
Banner ScreenFAIINVEVendor Information
Banner ScreenFOIDOCHPayment history information for checks, Invoices, Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Encumbrances. Ability to access documents scanned into Xtender
Banner ScreenFGIBDSTBudget & actual index summary activity by account code
Banner ScreenFGITRNDAccount Code Detail Transaction Activity –Fiscal Year
Banner ScreenFRIGITDGrant Inception to Date Summary activity
Banner ScreenFRIGTRDGrant Account Code Detail Transaction Activity – Inception to date
MyReportsFOROLDSOperating Ledger Detail & Summary (Income Stmt)
MyReportsFGRSABLGeneral Ledger Detail & Summary (Balance Sheet)
MyReportsFRRGLDSGrant Ledger Detail & Summary (Grant Balance Sheet)

Other Expense Information

Other expense items posted to your index that may not belong to your index need to be researched. Any items that belong in another index must be moved to the correct index.

With all expense items you will use a MyReports report to look at the detailed transactions that have posted. For unrestricted and restricted accounts, FOROLDS is generally used. You may also drill down on Banner activity from screens FGIBDST OR FGITRND (unrestricted indices), and FRIGITD (restricted indices).

Transactions Codes

The following table outlines the types of items you may find on your transaction detail report:

Document TypeDocument IDTypeRule Class Code
Manual JVJxxxxxxxJVJE2, etc.
Journal Feed DocumentBegins with two letters, such as CHxxxxxxJVJFD/JFL/JFH
PCard TransactionSxxxxxxxINVIPNI
Chrome River DocumentsIxxxxxxxINVDP1
Regular InvoiceIxxxxxxxINVINEI
Requisition - ReservationRxxxxxxxREQREQP
Establish Purchase OrderPxxxxxxxPOPORD
Purchase Order-Request LiquidationPxxxxxxxPOPOLQ