The State Purchasing Act

Requirements of the State Purchasing Act apply to the University of New Mexico, as well as the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs), the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFARs), and the Office of Management Budget (OMB) principles A-110 and A-21.

The University Board of Regents’ Policy Manual and the University Business Policies and Procedures Manual (Big Red) “Policy 4320, Purchasing Goods off Campus” are extensions of the State Purchasing Act, “Chapter 13, The New Mexico State Procurement Code.”

The University Policy on Purchasing governs all purchases of supplies, materials, equipment and contractual services for the University and clearly stipulates, “Such purchases will be made only by the UNM Purchasing Department.”

All funds received by the University, regardless of their sources, are considered to be University funds and are to be expended for purchases only as stipulated in the University of New Mexico Board of Regents’ Policy Manual.

Acceptable methods for purchasing goods off campus include Purchase Orders issued by the UNM Purchasing Department, Chrome River Invoice, and the Purchasing Card. These documents are contracts that obligate the University to pay the vendor within 30 days of receipt and acceptance of the goods or services. Each of these documents have specific procedures to be followed, and specific information that must be communicated to the vendor at the time the order is placed, prior to the delivery of the goods or services requested.