Request for Direct Payment

Certain transactions do not require that a Purchase Requisition be submitted and/or cannot be paid with a Purchasing Card (PCard). For these predetermined types of payments, departments may request Direct Payment via Chrome River Invoice or Chrome River Expense.

a. Chrome River Invoice

This method of payment is allowed for certain pre-approved types of transactions and cannot be used for payments to individuals. Information on the types of transactions allowed via this payment method can be found on the Unrestricted Accounting-Main website ( under the FAQs tab - Chrome River. Documentation that substantiates the payment, e.g., an invoice, must be provided with the request in Chrome River Invoice. Payments for other types of transactions may not be processed via this method without prior written approval from the Chief Procurement Officer.

b. Chrome River Expense

This method of payment is allowed for certain pre-approved types of purchases of goods and services and is used for payments to UNM faculty, staff, students, and non-UNM individuals. These payments are generally reimbursements for funds spent by individuals on behalf of the University. (However, honoraria and participant incentives can be paid to qualified recipients via Chrome River Expense.)

Authorized expenses for reimbursement include those for travel conducted on behalf of UNM (See Policy 4030 - Travel) as well as for certain pre-authorized goods (See Policy 4320 - Purchasing Goods Off-Campus). Special rules apply to students seeking reimbursement.

Detailed information on requirements for reimbursement requests can be found on Unrestricted Accounting - Main website ( under FAQs tab, Chrome River.

c. Creating a Chrome River Expense or Invoice Report

For instructions on how to create a Chrome River Expense or Invoice Report, see the User Guides under the Help Icon in the Chrome River application. Additional information is available on the Chrome River Website - (