2-A. What is MyReports?

MyReports home screen

MyReports is the software application that UNM uses for reporting financial information. MyReports uses the Operational Data Store (ODS) that represents all financial transactions that have been recorded in the Banner Finance system. ODS is refreshed as of close of business the previous day. Real time data can be found in the Self Service reports at the MyUNM Portal or in Banner.

In order to serve the vast reporting needs of the University Community, a large number of standardized reports have been created using MyReports. The standardized reports are based on information that the user requests when parameters, or criteria, are entered into the reporting dashboard. The MyReports link is listed under "Reporting" in the Business Applications section on your MyUnm page.

MyReports FRRGLDS - Grant Ledger Detail Summary is used to reconcile each contract or grant (restricted) index each month. To reconcile other types of indexes, MyReports FOROLDS - Operating Ledger Detail should be used. In order to reconcile the payroll expenditures posted each month, MyReports FNRSLBE – Salary, Labor, Benefits and Encumbrance report should be generated, reviewed and compared to the amounts posted in the corresponding grant or operating ledger report.