Gifts and Awards


Expenses for events (such as farewell, holiday, birthday, or retirement) and for personal gifts (such as flowers and other gifts expressing sympathy, bereavement, or congratulations to faculty, staff, students, or their families) are prohibited uses of University funds, unless authorized by other University published policies (such as the recognition programs discussed in UAP 3235 ("Staff Recognition Programs") and the employee service awards discussed in UAP 3745 (“Service Awards”)).

Gifts may be purchased for non-UNM individuals, such as speakers. The gift, however, must promote the University. An example of an allowable gift is a Nambe bowl engraved with the UNM or UNM Health Sciences logo. Note: I&G funds can never be used to purchase these allowable gifts.

Gift purchases will get particular scrutiny from core accounting offices. Be very specific and thorough in your item text. Explain how the items purchased promote the University.

These items belong in an F&A Excludable account such as 6350 or 37Y0.

Floral arrangements for graduation ceremonies are allowable. They also belong in account 37Y0.


Policy 3235: Staff Recognition Programs

"In addition to the University-wide recognition programs, schools, colleges, divisions, and departments should develop an adequate number of recognition programs intended to recognize staff members who provide extraordinary achievement in their respective areas. Proposals for recognition programs that include a monetary or non-monetary award must be submitted to the appropriate vice president for approval. A proposal template is available on the HSC Unrestricted Accounting

Website: Staff Recognition - Award Form.

Awards shall be commensurate with the contribution being recognized

Recognition awards, both monetary and non-monetary, may result in taxable income to the employee. In accordance with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations, all monetary awards, including cash and cash equivalent awards such as gift certificates and savings bonds, regardless of the amount, result in taxable income to the employee and are subject to federal and state income tax and social security withholding. Monetary award amounts will be reduced by withholding requirements based on each individual's income situation. Non-monetary awards of a personal nature may result in taxable income to an employee depending on the nature of the award. Non-monetary awards of a professional nature, such as conference training and professional association memberships do not result in taxable income.

Note: Cash monetary awards must be processed through Payroll using a Non-Standard Payment form. All other non-cash monetary awards, such as gift cards, must be reported to Payroll.

Monetary and non-monetary awards should post to account 37Y0.