Part III - UNM Finance: Practical Applications

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MSC 0000 00
1 University of New Mexico
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Grant Maintenance Form.  This screen is maintained by your Fiscal Monitor.  You can, however, view items concerning your grant.  Go to form FRAGRNT.  Notice the tabs along the top.  Enter the grant number you wish to review (7) in the “Grant:” field above the tabs.


Select “Next Block” (8).


Information on the Main tab will be displayed.  You can select each tab to see more information about this grant by either selecting the tab with your cursor or selecting tab until the desired tab is reached.


By selecting the Personnel tab and the ID drop down arrow, you can see a list of Grant personnel recorded in Banner.  By double clicking on the Long Title, you will have details about that person displayed.



By selecting the User Defined Data tab,


Any billing information entered in Fragrnt will be displayed.

In order to view copies of the actual invoices, select Xtender (1).


A screen  showing the invoices will be shown.  Select the invoice you wish to view(2), and open document. 

The scanned invoice will appear.  You can review or print the document.


You may also view the scanned signature authorization form by selecting the Xtender icon (a magnifying glass on the toolbar).  If the signature authorization is not there, it should be present in FTMACCI.  Enter the index number and select the Xtender icon.