Banner Research Accounting Module

The research accounting module of Banner finance is a common system for financial transactions and processing of billings and aging receivables of contracts and grants.

The ability to track events of billings, reports, and other reminders will assist the Principal Investigator with stewardship and accountability of funds.  Users can roll up related project funds on a single report and show related receivables.

Inception to date accounting is provided for grants and projects in the grant ledger.  Accounting, reporting, and billing functions are provided after the receipt of the grant or project award including the following:

  • Indirect Cost Calculation
  • Cost Share Calculations
  • Tracking Expenditures (Billed and Unbilled)
  • Processing Payments Received from Sponsoring Agencies

With this module data entry is done in the Contract and Grants offices.  Most of the Research accounting forms are for inquiry only