Basic Account Structure

First Digit of Account CodeType of Account
1Income &Transfers
2Labor expenses
3Supplies & Travel
4Student and Research Costs
5Patient Care Costs
6Communication Charges and Services (See Services, below)
7Plant Maintenance (i.e.: repair, maintenance, painting. Frequently a type of service.)
8Other Expenses, Special Contract & Grant Expenses
9Capital, Bond, and non-cash expenditures

There are only eight expense subcategories. Of these, Accounts beginning with 2 are labor accounts, and not used for general expenses. Accounts beginning with 8 are not used for general expenses, except for some Contract and Grant expenses.

This leaves only six regularly used subcategories. Getting each expense in the correct subcategory is the most important step in recording your expenses. Getting the correct account within that subcategory is sometimes a matter of department choice.

Some accounts, however, must be used for specific purchases. These accounts will be reviewed in this manual.