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Labor Redistributions in Self Service(LoboWeb)

Labor redistribution processes provide a means to use one system for faculty, students and staff instead of multiple forms and varied end locations to make the corrections and changes.

LoboWeb Employee Self-Service/ Banner form PHAREDS provides departmental data entry access into Banner. The department is responsible for maintaining documentation supporting the redistribution. In addition, the Cost Transfer policy (2450) has specific requirements for reallocation of direct charges to, from and between federally sponsored awards projects.  Please refer to this policy when appropriate.

NOTE: A Labor Redistribution is used to correct a labor charge after a payroll has run and posted.

In order to initiate a Labor Redistribution the Department Labor Redistributions BAR is required. The ability to initiate a transaction is available based on organization level security, as specified in the BAR request.

The following information is a compilation of answers to FastInfo questions 5468, 5011, 5130, 6346

To process a labor redistribution from someone elses's department a Labor Redisgtribution Agreement must be completed and signed.  This will provide access to the organization and all their employees' salary information.  This is only recommended if you will be processing many labor redistributions on an ongoing basis.  If you only need to process a few labor redistributions, contact the accountatnt in the department to whifch the employee belongs and requiest they complete the labor redistribution.

Processing labor redistributions for multiple pay periods in one document is efficient and called batch processing.  This is strongly encouraged.  You may use either Banner form PHAREDS or LoboWeb Self Service.  In either case, records must be an exact match.  In Self Service, comments can be carried to all records in the batch.  On the fly approvers in Self Service are added one record at a time.  After the person for whom the redistribution is occuring has been selected, toggle through the pay periods, selecting all that will be redistributed.  On the Update Distributions form, check the "change all" box, and ok changes.  Add comments (business purpose) and save.  Save the updated distribution and submit it.  To add on the fly approvers, add them to each pay id separately once the batch has been submitted.   In Banner form PHAREDS, on the first block enter the Banner ID number, Payroll ID number, and beginning year.  On the first row for payroll number enter the first pay period that needs redistribution and on the second row enter the last pay period that will be redistributed.  In the Edit Labor Distribution tab enter the new Earnings Labor Distributions and check the "change all" box for all the pay periods and earnings codes to change.

To make a correction on a labor redistribution, go to the payroll ID that was previously corrected.  Select the last redistribution sequence for the pay period that needs to be corrected.  If the last labor redistribution sequence for the pay period has a disposition of 47, it is in process and can be corrected.  Follow the instructions for processing a labor redistribution, changing what needs to be changed.  If the labor redistribution sequence for the pay period has a disposition of 48, it has been completed but not approved.  The labor redsitribution will need to be disapproved before changes can be made by the department.  Ask Financial Services to disapprove the labor redistribution in disposition 48.  Go to LoboWeb, select labor redisitribution.  Select the employee's attributes and select the pay period that needs to be corrected.  On the left hand side, select Comments and add a comment.  Financial Services will review the comment in the labor redistribution and disapprove it.  If the sequence for the pay period has a disposition of 60 or 70, process a new redistribution to correct the previous redistribution.  See also job aide FSJA-085 Labor Redistribution Return for Correction.

To disapprove a labor redistribution that was submitted, search for the employee information and select the payroll on which the labor redistribution was processed.  On the left hand side select "Comments", click on "add Comments" and enter your comment asking the labor redistribution be disapproved.  Continue to complete the labor redistribution.  For step by step instructions see Job Aide FSJA-079 LoboWeb Self Service Labor Redistribution.



Instructions for creating a Labor Redistribution in LoboWeb are found in Job Aid FSJA-079 as illustrated below.   

  1. Go to and log in.

    MyUNM Portal
  2. Select the Employee Life tab.

    Employee Life
  3. Click on LoboWeb
  4. In LoboWeb select the Employee tab.
  5. Select Labor Redistribution menu.

    Labor Redistrubutuion
  6. Select Labor Redistribution tab

    Person Search
  7. The predefined Person Search field (above) comes up automatically.
    1. Type in a Person ID, last name, or other identifying characteristics. The more you limit your search the quicker it will be.
    2. Click the GO button to execute search
      Person Search2
  8. Select the employee's associated pay event and click the Open icon or double-click the employee and associated pay event.

  9. You can process multiple records within Self Service as a batch
    1. Select the records to be redistributed (Cntrl/click on each line.  They turn blue)
    2. @ Select "Open"

Toggle through the pay periods.  You may check to see what your comments are by toggling through the records on the left, below.  Add any missing records.


All earnings codes of the selected records, and all the records are available for redistribution.  Select the pencil and update.

Update LR4

Make your change.  Select "OK Changes"

 OK Changes LR5

Adding Comments:

You can add comments by either:

  1. Selecting Add Comment from the More Actions drop down list.
  2. Select Comments on the left, and the Add Comments button on the lower right.

 Add Comments LR6


  1. To make changes to the distribution:
    1. On the left hand side select the side facing arrow or the"Add line" button. The Update area will appear.
    2. Verify that the'Posting Date' is today's date. If it isn't, click on the calendar icon in the 'Posting Date' field and select today's date.

      Update Distributions
    3. To change an index, enter the new index or click on the ... and select the index from list displayed. Tab to populate the FOPA elements.
    4. Enter a new value in one of the following fields:
      • Percent - The system calculates the Hours and Amount field.
      • Hours - The system calculates the Percent and Amount fields.
      • Amount - The system calculates the Hours and Percent.
    5. To enter a new line for additional FOPA values, click the 'Add Line' button.
      • Enter the hours, amount, or percent and the system will calculate the other two.
      • To remove a line, click the delete button (X icon).
    6. Enter the same account code used for the original transaction.
    7. Hours and amount must equal in the current and updated redistributions. Percentage must 100%. If it doesn't, click on round for the system to equal the redistribution.
    8. Click on the Save buttons.

      Update Distributions2
  2. To change all the earning codes for that pay period check the 'Change All' box.

    Update Distributions3
  3. Verify updates are accurate and click on 'Apply' (#3). The disposition changes to 47.
    1. The system alerts you to any errors. (i.e. invalid index or account code)
    2. If the sum of the redistributed values for one or more of the three Earnings Labor Distributions fields (Hours, Percent, and Amount) is not equal to the corresponding sum of the values in the original distribution:
      1. Click on the pencil to return to the distribution(#1) or delete updates(#2) and start over.
      2. manually change one of the records so that the sum of each of the three fields is correct
      3. Click Round to have the system correct the condition by modifying the record in which the cursor is located.

  4. Add a comment to define the Business Purpose for the redistribution.
    1. A Business Purpose is required. Enter a detailed business purpose and name of individual making the request (i.e. requestor). Make sure a memo or email from the requestor with their request is kept on file in the department. Please see DEPARTMENT BUSINESS RULES - LABOR REDISTRIBUTION for information required in this section and examples under PROCESS FOR RESTRICTED AND UNRESTRICTED INDICES in section 3E.
    2. On the left hand side, click on the 'Comments' link button and click on 'Add Comment' button.

      Add Comment
    3. Enter the business purpose in the Add Comment section.

      Add Comment
    4. Click on the 'Save' button.
  5. Click on Close in the screen that appears.
    1. This will close the window and return you to the initiator page.
    2. The records are now marked Disposition 47.

  6. Click on the pay period that is being processed.
  7. To leave in progress click on 'X Close' for later submission. The record will remain at disposition 47.
  8. To erase updated distributions click on 'Erase'.
  9. To send redistribution for approval click on 'Submit'. This will create Disposition 48.

    Helen Salazar
  10. To add an approver to the approval queue or notify someone to review the labor redistribution:
    1. On the left hand side select Routing Queue
    2. Click on Add Member.

      Add Member
      1. Name - Enter the approver's or FYI (For Your Information) name or click "..."  to obtain a list of approvers.
      2. Sequence - Review the sequence numbers in the routing queue. Enter a sequence number lower than the numbers listed in the routing queue.
      3. Action - If the person needs to approve the labor redistribution select Approve (E) or if the person only needs to review the labor redistribution select FYI .
      4. Click on Save. The labor redistribution will be routing to this person before the other approvers. This person is listed as 'On the fly Member' in the approval queue.

        Add New Member

    Routing Queue Review

    Sequence 10 indicates a 90 day memo is required.  Sequence 70 approver is a Fiscal Monitor listed on the grant.  There may be more than one.


  11. Close distribution.

    Update Distributions4