Part III - UNM Finance: Practical Applications

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EPrint Report - Example

Select the EPrint Report.  In this example, Report FARINVA- Invoice Activity Report was selected.

  1. Select the TEXT box.  This may take a while to open.  Select OK when the web page warning message appears.

    Reports 3

  2. Right click in the center of the open report.  Select Export to Microsoft Excel from the menu that appears.
  3.  Select No from the Security Warning

    Security Warning

  4. Log into Eprint again.  Do not change the default address.  Select Enter.=

    New Web Query

  5. Select No again when the Security Warning reappears.

    Security Warning2

  6. Select ALL the table arrows, and select the Import button.


  7. Select the OK button.
    Import Data
  8. The report information will be downloaded into excel.  As you can see by this example, the usefulness of this data in excel format is frequently limited.  It can, however, be downloaded to excel in this manner.
    Excel 2