Part III - UNM Finance: Practical Applications

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Operating Ledger Queries

To create an operating ledger query, after selecting Operating Ledger Queries from the employee tab, select Operating Ledger by Account from the Type drop down box.

Operating Ledger

You will choose your query type from the dropdown list next to type. You can query by account, organizational hierarchy, or Operating Ledger Quick Query. Quick Queries cannot be exported. They are a snapshot of activity. In this example we have selected Operating Ledger by Account.

Retrieve Query

Then select Create Query button.

Adopted Budget

From this form, select the items you wish displayed on your query. In this example, Adopted budget, Year-to-Date Actuals, Encumbrances, Reservations, Commitments, and Balance have been selected. 

You can then choose to save the query so it will be available for later use, or share the query so others can also access it. Then select Continue.

Submit Query

From this form select the fiscal period for which you want your query to run, and put in the account index. Finally, select Submit Query.

If you are querying a grant and you know the grant number, put the grant number (leave account index field blank) into the Grant field. If you do not know the grant number, click on the Grant button.

Execute Query

From this screen put in as much of the Title as you can remember in the Title Criteria field. Remember this field is case sensitive. Select the Execute Query button.


From this field you will receive a selection of grants that contain your title criteria information. Select the one on which you wish to query. In this case 3R855 has been selected. Once you have pulled this grant into your query, select Submit Query.

Query Results

Information will be retrieved from Banner. If you would like more information about a document, click on the document number to view document details. You can also download the transactions as an excel spreadsheet. Clicking on the download selected Ledger Columns button will pull only columns you select.