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LoboMart - Setting Up and Ordering from a Vendor not in the LoboMart System

If the preferred vendor is not loaded in LoboMart, a requisition can still be created. After all steps are completed by the user, the Vendor Maintenance Group adds the vendor to LoboMart making it available in the future. Follow these steps to create a requisition when a vendor is not found in LoboMart:

No Suppliers

First, perform a Search for the preferred vendor. If the search does not return the preferred vendor, the vendor must be set up in the system. Continue to create your requisition with Purchasing Setup Vendor as the supplier.


Type “Purchasing Setup Vendor” in the Supplier Name field and click on the Search button. Click on the Select link.

Non-Catalog Form

Complete the Non-Catalog Item Form. Continue processing the requisition in LoboMart, but with one extra step detailed below.

Proceed to Checkout

You must add a note to Purchasing from the Note to Purchasing/Supplier step in the checkout process. Click on the Proceed to Checkout button.

External Info

Select the edit button to add the note to Purchasing. Enter the preferred vendor’s name, address, contact name and number(s), and tax ID (if known). Click on the Save button.

After completing the requisition, a Vendor Add/Change Request must be completed. This form is located at in the UNM Business Applications channel. Click on the Electronic Forms link. Click on the Vendor Add/Change Request form link in the list of online request forms.