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LoboMart - Placing an Order from a Non-Catalog Vendor

A non-catalog vendor does not have a catalog of products available through LoboMart. However, items for these non-catalog vendors can still be ordered. The user will input the item name/number, description and pricing information into the Non-Catalog Form.


To place an order with a Non-Catalog Vendor, choose the Non-Catalog Form link from your LoboMart home page.

Choose Supplier

Click on the choose supplier… link to search for the appropriate vendor.

Supplier Search

Enter all or part of the supplier name in the Supplier Name field and click on the Search button.


To choose a supplier, click on the Select link to the right of the supplier name.


Your vendor information is now populated in the form. Complete the Catalog No., Product Description, Quantity and Estimated Price fields.

Non-Catalog Form

To proceed to the Edit Cart screen to complete processing for your requisition, select Add and go to Cart from the Available Actions drop down menu and click on the Go button. If you wish to add more items to the cart before completing processing, select Add to Cart and Return before clicking on the Go button.

Shopping Cart

The remaining steps are the same for all LoboMart requisitions. Please see Placing an Order from a Catalog Vendor procedure.