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LoboMart - Hosted Catalog Vendor

Hosted Catalog Vendors have their catalog content hosted in the LoboMart application. Users can search and compare items from vendors who offer competitive University pricing. To place an order from a Hosted Catalog Vendor:


place an order with a Catalog Vendor, choose suppliers or categories from the Browse section on the LoboMart home page.

Supplier Filter

Choose suppliers to view a list of all Hosted Catalog vendors. If you would like to search for a  specific vendor click on Click to expand Search for Supplier Filter, enter all or part of the supplier’s name in the appropriate field and click on Search. This is a sample of the results returned from an expanded search. Notice the Type column. This column indicates whether a particular vendor is a Hosted Catalog Vendor, Non-Catalog Vendor, or Punchout Catalog Vendor. The symbol for a Hosted Catalog Vendor is noted with an arrow. Click on the hosted catalog vendor symbol located to the right of the desired hosted catalog vendor name.

Categoery Search

The supplier’s catalog appears, grouped by category. Click on the + and – to the left of each category to expand or collapse the category. Drill down until you find the specific type of item you want, and click on view (incl. sub-categories).


After selecting the type of item to purchase, the Product Search Results screen appears. Select the item(s) to purchase, change the quantity if necessary, and click on the Add to Cart button.

Product Search

A message confirms the items are added to your cart. Click on the return to browse… link to return to the hosted supplier catalog. Repeat this process until all items are added. When finished, click on your shopping cart.

Shopping Cart

From your Shopping Cart you can change your Cart Name, Product Location, update quantities, add items to your favorites, or remove items from your cart. To change the Cart Name, enter a new cart name in the Cart Name field and click on the Update button.

Draft Requisition

To update quantities, change the quantity in the Quantity field and click on the Update button.

Proceed to Checkout

To remove an item from your cart, click on the Remove button for that item. To empty your cart completely, click on the Empty Cart button. When finished, click on the Proceed to Checkout button.

Accounting Codes

The checkout steps will appear on the top of the screen. If a step has a you may go to that step to make changes, but no entry is required. Since most users will have a default Product Location, Shipping Address and Billing Address, those steps may automatically be completed. 

You will be taken directly to the first checkout step that requires your attention. In this example, that is Accounting Codes. To add the Index and Account codes, click edit button in the Accounting Codes section at the top of the screen.

Accounting Codes Required

Enter the Index and Account codes in the fields provided. You can also click on Select from profile values… to view the list of codes added to your profile or Select from all values… to search the entire list of codes. Once you have entered the Index and Account codes, click on the Save button.

Accounting Codes Edit

To add a different Index/Account code to one or more line items, click on the edit button next to the line item. 

Amount of Price

You can now change the Index and/or Account code for only this line item and then click on the Save button. Repeat for any other line items you want to assign alternate codes to. If you would like to split one line item into multiple Index/Account codes, click on the add split link. Each time you click on the link another line will be added (transactions may not be split more than 10 times). Choose Amount of Price as the method of split from the dropdown box (ignore % of Price, % of Quantity and Amount of Quantity). Enter the Indices, Account codes and dollar amounts, then click on the Save button. Repeat for any other line items you want to split.

Commodity Code

Once the required information has been completed for this step you will be directed to the next step. In this example, the next section to be completed is Commodity Code. Click on the Commodity Code step at the top of the screen.

Commodity Code Edit2

To add the Commodity Code, click on the edit button in the Commodity Code section.

Commodity Code Required2

Click on Select from profile values… to access the codes you entered into your profile, or click on Select from all values… to search the full Commodity Code list. When you have selected your Commodity Code, click on the Save button.


You may also go back to a previous step at any point to change information. For example, if you would like to change your Shipping Address, you can click on the Shipping step.

Shipping Edit

To change the Ship To address, click on the edit button in the Shipping section.

Ship to

Choose the address from the drop down list of the Ship To addresses set up within your personal profile or click on from org addresses to choose from all Ship To addresses. Then click on the Save button.

Note to Supplier

If you need to enter comments for Purchasing or the Vendor, click on the Note to Purchasing/Supplier step.

Note to Edit

Click on the edit button in the Note to Purchasing/Supplier section.

External Info

Enter the note in the text field provided and click on the Save button.

Final Review

After adding the note, click on the Final Review step to review previously entered information and add your business purpose.


A Business Purpose and item detail for each requisition is required. Scroll down to the Supplier/line Item Details section.

Line Item Details

Click on the edit button for a cart line item in the Line Item Details section.

Sample Bussiness Purpose

Enter the business purpose in the Business Purpose/Detailed Item Description field in the Edit Line box that appears and click on the Save button.

Sample Bussiness Copy

After entering a business purpose, a link will be available to copy the business purpose to other lines. Copy to other lines of the requisition as appropriate, or repeat the steps to add a new business purpose to each line. Your requisition cannot be submitted without a business purpose for each line item.

Place Order

Once you are finished editing the requisition, click on the Place Order button.


The requisition is complete and automatically submitted to Banner for approvals and processing. To check the status of your requisition, click on the view link to the right of the LoboMart requisition number.