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LoboMart - Check the Status of a Requisition

The status of a requisition can be tracked within LoboMart to determine if a requisition is pending, rejected or approved. Detailed information about the requisition is also available.


Click on the history link in the navigation bar on the LoboMart home page.

My Requisitions

Click on the my requisitions tab.


This screen shows all of your completed LoboMart requisitions for the last 90 days. The requisitions can be sorted by status, requisition number, supplier, requisition name or requisition date/time. For more requisition detail, including the Banner requisition number for approved requisitions, click on the blue LoboMart requisition number. You can also click on the magnifying glass icon for a quick view.

Cart Name

The Requisition Summary screen appears. This is an example of an approved requisition. The Banner requisition number is in the Product Location section.

PR Approvals

Click on the PR Approvals tab to view the status of a requisition.


Click on  the History tab to see detailed approval information and what processes occurred in Banner relative to the requisition. If the requisition is rejected, the approver’s comments or Banner error message are displayed.

If the requisition has been removed from the My Requisitions folder, it can still be viewed using the following procedure:


Begin by clicking on history.

PO History

PO History will default. Click on the PR History tab.

By Requsitions

Click on the by Requisition tab.

Requisition Search

Enter your search parameters and click on the Search button. To narrow the search further, place a checkmark in the Filter checkbox and enter search filters before clicking on the Search button.


Choose the requisition you wish to view from the list of search results by clicking on the LoboMart Requisition No.