Part III - UNM Finance: Practical Applications

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MSC 0000 00
1 University of New Mexico
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8045 - Interdepartmental Support Entries

These entries can sometimes be used when allocation and reserves entries cannot be used.  These entries will avoid the use of a more complicated transfer entry.  As with allocation, transfer, and reserves entries, the same account code [8045 in these entries] must be used for both the debit and credit side of the entry.  The entry must net to zero.  Additionally:

  • Line items affecting any other account codes may not be used in a JV in which account code 8045 is used.
  • There is a limit of $5,000 per transaction, and $20,000 per year, per index.  This means the document transaction total cannot exceed $10,000, $5,000 for the Debit and $5,000 for the credit.
  • Any exceptions to these limits must be approved by Central Accounting before an entry is submitted.
  • Salaries cannot be moved using account code 8045.
  • No budgets are allowed for this account.
  • Account code 8045 cannot be used with restricted indices.
  • There must be a detailed description of the type of expense being billed, as is true with allocation, transfer, and reserves entries.
  • Account code 8045 cannot be used for purchasing on Higher Markets.
  • Account code 8045 cannot be used to reallocate P-Card transactions.