Part III - UNM Finance: Practical Applications

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Step by Step ? Using FGAJVCQ


On this form, type in “next” under document Number. This will automatically generate the next number in the current JV sequence. You will not see this number until you have gone to the next form in this series. Then select the Transaction Date by selecting the calendar button next to that field. Generally, the transaction date will be today’s date. Put the document total in the Document Total field. This is the hash total, which is twice the amount you are moving; the sum of both you debits and credits. Select Options, and Document Text.


This form will appear. Type The document text from your JV form into this area. Be specific and complete. Include all supporting document numbers in this text. Select Save, and then close by selecting the arrow in the upper right corner. To determine what your document text should say, research the entry that was originally recorded as shown in Documenting JVs.


Note that once you enter your document text the Document Text Exists box is checked. Select Next Block.


Tab. Your sequence number will default to one.

Enter your Journal Type in the Journal Type field. For this type of entry, you will enter JE2. Your chart will default to U. Tab.

It is customary to enter the Index that is going to receive the debit first. Enter your index. Tab. Your Fund, Organization, Program and Activity will default.

Tab to the account code field. Enter the account code receiving the debit. Tab 6 times to the amount field.

Enter the amount in the amount field. Tab. Enter “D” in the Debit/Credit field. This will cause the field to default to Debit. Tab.

Type a brief description. Usually include the number of the document being corrected, as in this example.

Select Record, Insert

Select Record, Duplicate

This will bring up a duplicate of record one. Tab. Your sequence will default to 2.

Tab to the Index and change the index number to the Credit Index. Change the Debit/Credit field to Credit. Next Block.


Select In Process.

Go to form FGIJSUM to document your entry.


This screen will generally default to the JV you have been working on. If it does not, enter the JV number in the document field. Select Next Block. Print this screen for you JV documentation. Notice that both lines are Postable. If they are not, the JV will not post. Return to FGAJVCQ. Enter the JV number if necessary. Next Block three times. Select Complete. The document will now enter the approval queue process.