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Standard Accounting Resource Manual (SARM)

MSC 0000 00
1 University of New Mexico
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Labor Redistribution Definitions

Home Organization - The organization hiring and maintaining the employee’s payroll, commonly referred to as the ‘home’ department or timekeeping organization.

Requestor - The individual who identifies the need for the labor redistribution. This person must be on the signature authorization form for the index/indices which the correction is processed OR obtain authorization from an individual who is on the signature authorization form. It is NOT necessary to obtain authorization on indices that will not be affected by the labor redistribution request. To review who has signature authority go to Banner form: FRAGRNT for Restricted and FTMACCI for Unrestricted. (See Fast Info Answer #4162)

Initiator/Originator - The individual in the hiring org who enters the labor redistribution in LoboWeb Employee Self Service or Banner form PHAREDS.

Approver - The individual in the appropriate Financial Services Office who authorizes the labor redistribution posting in Banner – through LoboWeb Employee Self Service Labor Redistribution Approval Form.

Supporting Documentation - Authorized auditable documentation to support the redistribution. 

Document Retention - Period of time supporting documentation must be retained within the department’s files. For Contracts and Grants, documentation must be retained for three years past the Project End date. Unrestricted documentation must be kept for three fiscal years after the close of the fiscal year in which the change was made. (see FastInfo Answer ID #4072)