Part III - UNM Finance: Practical Applications

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Key Forms and What They do

Banner allows you to access and work with data from multiple forms. Below are some of the most commonly used forms for performing the tasks that follow.

Form Use Comments
PHAREDS  Labor Redistribution Redistribute labor charges that have posted
FGIBDST  Op Ledger View OL information, drill down on documents
FRIGITD Op Ledger  View C&G OL information, inception to date. Drill down on documents.
FGIENCB Encumbrances Encumbrance List Form
FGIENCD Encumbrances Detail encumbrance activity form
FGIDOCR View Docs View summary information for an approved document
FGIDOCH View Docs View Document history. Look up indices paid against a PO, check status of a DPI
FOAAINP Approve Docs Approve documents
FOADOCU Deny Docs Deny your own document that is awaiting approval
FGAJVCD Journal Vouchers Create a JV
FGAJVCM  Journal Vouchers Create a JV
FGAJVCQ Journal Vouchers Create a JV-Quick form
FGIJSUM Journal Vouchers View/print summary JV information for a JV with a status of “C” (completed but not posted)
FGIJVCD Journal Vouchers View suspended JVs