Part III - UNM Finance: Practical Applications

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Encumbrance Queries

When the Encumbrance Query is selected from the finance tab in LoboWeb, you will see the following form displayed. Type in the index you are querying, then select Submit Query.



Select the encumbrance you wish to view. Here an encumbrance in account 70C1 for Medical Scientific Inc is selected. Note that the original encumbrance was $5,000, the liquidation to date is $1,011.20, and the remaining current encumbrance is $3,998.80.


You can drill down on the specific documents in your encumbrance detail. Here, there is one document, P0071420. Select the document.

View Document

Information about the selected purchase order is displayed. Scroll down the screen to see more information. You will be shown related documents, whether the transaction is completed, approved, and paid. You can drill down on some of these documents for more information.