Part III - UNM Finance: Practical Applications

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MSC 0000 00
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Documenting JVs


When reconciling index 975001, the amount in 3100, office supplies expense, was found to be higher than expected by $117.52. Options, Transaction Detail was selected to bring up the following detail screen.

3100 Detail

The item for $117.52 was highlighted. Then Options, Query Document by Type was selected to bring up the next screen.


The document number of the item is listed; S0975200. Next Block is selected to show the Vendor. Next Block can be selected several more times to see more information about the document.


This screen shows the Vendor.


Go to FGIDOCR and put the S doc number in the document field. Next Block, and select the magnifying glass to enter Xtender and have a copy of the document retrieved. You can print out the copy of the document for attachment to your JV.

Once your JV is completed, you can use FGIJSUM to print a copy of how the JV was entered in Banner, and to show that the JV was Postable. Instructions for this are within the Step by Step section.